Podcast – John Paul Rogers


John Paul Rogers Podcast. As the story goes… Growing up in Florida and being part of its BMX scene during the 80s before heading out West and linking up with Chris Moeller and the guys at S&M, living the California BMX dream at the iconic POW house with legendary names like Alan Foster, Dave Clymer, Eric,”Grandpa” Millman, John Salami, just to name a few. We talk about the S&M road trips on shoelace budgets, Mental Jimmy’s, his time at Schwinn as the Team Manager and the money that was being spent, as the sport saw a second coming during the mid 90s with the X Games, Magazines and TV coverage all on the up.

Of course, I ask John Paul his views on racing today and he gives us some real insight looking from a different perspective on how racing has distanced itself as a sport to what it was, with some good takes & ideas on events, media and so on and how the race industry may be missing the bus on quite a bit. So much more talked about in this Podcast for sure – it’s one of my favorites to date. Cheers, JP.

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