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This week the Dr. gives us the low down on hanging out at The Sea Otter Classic and how it could only be positive if the BMX Industry got involved in this event. We talk the weekend’s racing in Austin, Texas to Holland and the UK and how a lot of the European National Team riders tend to skip National events leading into the World Cups where the US-based riders will head to Europe in the middle of a racing block. We look at the pros and cons of both strategies.

After our Podcast a few weeks ago, specifically with regard to the 8m Hill we got quite a few responses from the listeners including David Graf and his perspective. We discuss David’s response and his discussion of the topic on Instagram last week.

We also talk about the news of Amanda Geving’s suspension for a year from US Anti-Doping Agency, and touch on a few subjects from Social Media this week from the saturated frame market to whether today’s Elite riders even ride their bikes around the streets on non-training days anymore.

Check it out.

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