Paul Roberts Podcast – Part 2


Paul Roberts Podcast Part 2 – It’s been 6 months since Part 1 so there was a lot to catch up on beginning with the sad news of Paul recently losing his dad, Vic, who was also the legendary UK BMX Starter and friend to so many of us. We then touch on life in Huntington Beach along with his music and band.

Paul talks media and more details on his time at 4130 working on Ride & Dirt Magazine- from deadlines to shooting photos and announcing.

Of course, we have to touch on the Andy Ruffell / Tim March rivalry alongside some of the other top guys from the UK during the 80s period that were legendary and well-documented at the time.

We talk about the early 90s UK scene when the sport took a dip, sponsorship & money was low but it really proved to be one of the best times for riding with all the scenes going on around the country.

We go to Q&A and so much more is covered in this Podcast. Get the kettle on, sit back and relax because it’s a long one. If you tuned in and liked Part 1 then you’re in for a treat as we head down memory lane with Paul.

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