National Bike Month – Ride To End Obesity

Our team had two successful school trips last week. In fact, we designed Ride to End Obesity with two planned visits to each school in an effort to get the message of healthful living, eating well, encouraging exercise and BMX 101 to resonate further.

Our visits last week involved an interactive game of Jeopardy to test the kids’ retention of the facts and healthful living tips we shared during the first visit. It was amazing to see how much the kids remembered! Even Executives from PUSD that were present during the visits couldn’t believe how well the kids paid attention and how much they remembered. It demonstrated that the message is getting through! Jeopardy was followed by even more bike time where the kids raced one another, learned more strategic maneuvers and weaved in and out of cones.

As we kicked off National Bike Month last week, Chase / Stay Strong is happy to be doing its part to engage young people in living their best lifes. We encourage youngsters to take action and to take ownership over themselves, what they eat, and how much they move (exercise) all while putting their newly learned BMX skills to work. The Ride to End Obesity Tour is expanding in Fall 2014 – stay-tuned for more details.

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